Apr 25

Maureen Kerr

Northern Ireland Fencing Selectors Board

NI Fencing Ltd. would like an expression of interest from anyone wishing to be considered for a position on the Northern Ireland Fencing Selectors Board, for full information on how to apply please see the Positions Vacant page

Jan 19

Maureen Kerr

Historical Abuse Cases

While NI Fencing ltd, in its current iteration, has no connection with the previous entity’s which existed in its place, the board, the coaches and clubs take all allegations of abuse very seriously.   In light of the recent revelations in football around historical abuse claims NIF would like to re-iterate its commitment to the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable young people who participate in our sport. 

To that end, we would like to draw attention to the child protection policies and disclosure procedures available on the NIF website. 

Any disclosures which may predate the existence of NI Fencing Ltd can still be made via these procedures, and will be handled in line with policy, and in connection with the PSNI, as allegations of abuse are an operational police matter. 

We advise all clubs to ensure that there are no outstanding/unexamined disclosures and to seek assistance from NIF, Sport NI, or the NSPCC to complete all necessary due diligence on any outstanding case.  It is the duty of every club, and the right of every disclosing child, to have their claims taken seriously and duly examined. 

The NSPCC has set up a hotline, which anyone can call if they want to talk to someone in confidence. The number is 0800 023 2642.

Jun 07

Peter Hazlett

School Games Selections 2016

The teams selected for the School Games competition have been posted on the Selection Decisions page.  The School Games will be hosted at Loughborough University in the East Midlands from the 1st – 4th September.

May 09

Maureen Kerr

UKSG Funding Information

Once again the School Games National Finals 2016, which will be hosted at Loughborough University in the English East Midlands from the 1st – 4th September, will not be fully funded by Sport NI.  Sport NI are again cutting their contribution by 50%.  As per last year this will leave a £3500 shortfall which will need to be filled.  NI Fencing cannot offer any financial support for the School Games competition. Consequently,  any fencer selected will be required to make a £150 contribution towards their participation in the UKSG upon confirmation of attendance.

May 08


2015-16 NIJFS R6 results and final rankings

NIJFS Round 6, the final round of the 2015-16 series, was held last Saturday 07 May at Lisburn Raquets Club, hosted by Lisburn Gladiators Fencing Club. Results now posted on the ‘Results – NIJFS’ page, final rankings on the ‘Rankings’ page.

Apr 26


2015-16 NIJFS Round 6 – change of venue

The venue for R6 of the 2015/16 NIJFS has changed. The new venue is Lisburn Racquets Club, 36 Belfast Road, Lisburn, BT27 4AS. The event date and times are unchanged.

Apr 12


2015-16 NIJFS Round 6

Entries now open for the 6th and final round of the 2015-16 NIJFS. The venue is Wallace High School in Lisburn, the date 7th May.

Feb 12

Maureen Kerr

Membership Checks

Anyone running a competition is reminded needs to check that all entrants have insurance and that they are the correct age for the competing age groups.  To double check members against the BFA Membership please contact any of the Board Members and the will provide you with an up-to-date spreadsheet of the necessary details.

Feb 04

Maureen Kerr


NI Fencing would like to congratulate Brian Murray (Junior Sabre) , Philip Slater (Junior Epee) Paul Verdon (Cadet Foil and Epee) and Jonathan Burnside (Junior Epee) for selection for both the European Cadets in Serbia 27th February and the World Championships in France in April.


Also Congratulations to Philip Slater for reaching the Last 32 in the Junior World Cup Epee competition in Riga last week.  Well done on such a great achievement!

Jan 31


2016 Belfast Open & 2015-16 NIJFS Round 5

The 2016 Belfast Open will be held in Sullivan Upper School in Holywood 19th & 20th March in conjunction with R5 of the NIJFS (19th March). Online entry for both now open. Go to http://www.nifencing.com/index.php/calendar



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