Jul 24

Peter Hazlett

Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 – Selection

The fencers have been selected for the 2014 Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 to be held in Largs, Scotland in November.

You can find the list of named fencers for each weapon on the Selections Decisions page.

To avoid confusion all 5 fencers selected at each weapon may fence in the individual event.  In the team event the team captain will choose 3 fencers from the 5 selected and may vary the team between matches.

Jul 08

Maureen Kerr

International Funding Opportunities

The Criteria for Fencers eligible for International Funding in the coming season is now available to read in the Funding Opportunities Page

Jul 07

Maureen Kerr

UKSG Team Selection

The teams for the UK School Games have been announced.  You can find a full list of the teams on the Selections Decisions page.

Jun 19

Maureen Kerr

NI Commonwealth Team Manager 2014

NI Fencing Ltd. would like an expression of interest from any candidate (+18) wishing to be considered for the role of the Northern Ireland Team Manager at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014.

For full details please go to the  Positions Vacant Page.

Jun 04

Maureen Kerr

AGM 2014

AGM Notice

The fourth AGM of NI Fencing Ltd will be held on
                                    Thursday 21st August, 1930 – 2100
Room B, House of Sport, Malone Road, Belfast.

In accordance with the Articles of Association (available on the NI Fencing Website) the Board shall consist of, The Managing Director and up to six Directors, who shall be elected at the AGM.
The following Directors wish to be re-elected under section 6.3 of the Articles:
                                    Chris Gill (Finance Director)
                                    Alison Slater (Welfare and Compliance Director)
                                    Joanne Simpson (Competitions Director)
                                    David White (Junior Competition and Development Director)
In addition our current Membership Director (Designate) Mr Martyn Girvin wishes to be elected under section 6.3 of the Articles.

We now seek nominations from individuals wishing to fulfil a role as Director.  Nominees must meet the following criteria:

                       Be a member of Northern Ireland Fencing
(Or British Fencing via any home nation)

                       Be Over 18 Years of Age

In addition not more than two Directors may be elected from any one club.

If you would like to participate in the development of the sport within Northern Ireland then please notify the Company Secretary, Ms Maureen Kerr, by email (maureen.kerr@nifencing.com)

In particular we would welcome nominations from Clubs not currently represented on the NI Fencing Board.

Nominations must be received no later than 12:00pm on Monday 16th  June 2013.

May 30

Maureen Kerr

*VETS* Celtic Challenge 2014

The Celtic Challenge for Vets will be held in Edinburgh on the 26th and 27th July 2014.  You can find further information and the entry form in the Events Calender

May 28

Maureen Kerr

BYC Results 2014

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the British Youth Championships in Sheffield on 3rd-5th May 2014.




U18 Boys Foil (47 competitors)


Stephen Brown                 Grosvenor                       Gold Medal BYC Champion

Kris Gywnne                      Grosvenor                       28th


U16 Boys Foil (57 Competitors)


Gareth Reid                        Grosvenor                      27th

Paul Verdon                        Grosvenor                     35th

Theo Millar                           RBAI                              39th

Darragh Patterson             RBAI                              43rd


U14 Boys Foil (72 Competitors)


William Girvin                     Grosvenor                     19th

Aneurin Duffin-Murray       Grosvenor                     36th

David Eve                            Grosvenor                     47th

Robbie Cockburn              Grosvenor                     51st


U12 Boys Foil (71 Competitors)


Finn McMullan                     Belfast                          21st

Jonathon Connery             Grosvenor                    47th

Matthew McKay                   RBAI                              53rd


U18 Boys Epee (34 Competitors)


Samuel Gourley                  Grosvenor                   24th


U16 Boys Epee (53 Competitors)


Paul Verdon                          Grosvenor                 16th


U14 Boys Epee (62 Competitors)


William Girvin                       Grosvenor                  48th

Michael Reid                        Grosvenor                  54th

Luke Wallace                       Grosvenor                  59th


U18 Boys Sabre (34 Competitors)


Laurence Slater                    Lisburn/Grosvenor   12th

Fionn Flynn                            DKit                             22nd


U16 Boys Sabre (46 Competitors)


Kieran Dowse                        South East                  9th


U16 Girls Foil (39 Competitors)


Keziah Beattie                         Belfast                          9th

Iona O’Neill                              Sullivan Upper          30th

Emily Maginn                           Sullivan Upper          31st


U14 Girls Foil (63 Competitors)


Charlotte Slater                       Grosvenor/Lisburn    19th

Ciara Cormican                      Grosvenor/Lisburn     29th

Rachel Smyth                          Sullivan Upper            37th

Laura Ward                              Hunterhouse              50th


U12 Girls Foil (50 Competitors)


Orla McGinnity                          Grosvenor                  12th

Sarah Shaw                              Hunterhouse             39th


U18 Girls Epee (31 Competitors)


Claire McGinnity                       Grosvenor                  22nd


U16 Girls Epee (47 Competitors)


Kerrie Johnston                        Plymouth                    23rd

Zara Mullholland                      Grosvenor                  28th

Eve Megaw                                Lisburn                       41st


U14 Girls Epee (49 Competitors)


Charlotte Slater                        Lisburn/Grosvenor    14th

Chloe Millar Hunterhouse 49th


U14 Girls Sabre (42 Competitors)

Beth Taylor                                 Grosvenor                     16th 

Ciara Cormican                         Lisburn/Grosvenor     37th


May 08

Maureen Kerr

Call for Volunteers

Dear Fencer/Parent

NI Fencing needs your help!

Our recent problems in recruiting a volunteer to act as Team Manager for the Sainsbury’s School Games has highlighted yet again the urgent need for volunteers at all levels within our sport.

The Board of NI Fencing is tasked with governing the sport of fencing in Northern Ireland and whilst not explicitly stated the objectives of the organisation, as laid down in our articles of association, can only be achieved through the efforts of everyone within the fencing community.

Volunteering can take many forms and we know that many of you already volunteer at club level.  There is an old saying that ‘many hands make light work’ and this has long been the problem that too few people are involved at a National Level.  NI Fencing depends on the hard work and commitment of volunteers for much of its work – we couldn’t operate without them!

There are lots of ways to get involved with some examples listed below;

  • Competition Officials
    1. Referees
    2. Armourers
    3. Organisers
    4. Piste Assistants
    5. Check-in help
  • Team Officials
    1. Team Manager
    2. Assistants
    3. Safeguarding
    4. Team Escort/Supervision

In return, you can gain valuable volunteering experience, learn new skills and meet a wide range of new people.

We will be running a designated officer course on the 17th May for those people with the basic Safeguarding Children in Sport certificate and we will also be running the British Fencing Team Manager course on the 18th May which is the ideal course for those interested in any Team Official role.  In fact the Team Manager course is ideal for those clubs organising trips to competitions with overnight stays or just taking a minibus full of kids to one of the local competitions.

If you are interested in getting involved then please get in contact with any of the Board – email addresses on the website (www.nifencing.com) or send an email to the Company Secretary – maureen.kerr@nifencing.com

Yours in fencing,

Peter Hazlett

Managing Director
NI Fencing Ltd

May 07

Peter Hazlett

BYC Success – New Under 18 British Champion – Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown of Friends of Grosvenor Fencing Club is the new Under 18 British Foil Champion!

Forty-seven fencers took part in this event which saw Stephen beat Isaac Mulcahy 15-7 in the first semi-final and John Feaster overcome Alan Lozovik 15-11 in the second.

Mihai Rascu oversaw the gold medal match.  After the opeing period John was leading 9-6.  The second period began with a stunning fight back from Stephen and a failed video appeal from John meant Stephen was able to draw level at 13-13.  Stephen scored again to take the lead for the first time in the match before John levelled at 14-14.  A fantastically sharp attack from Stephen saw him take the title 15-14.

Many congratulations to Stephen on this fantastic result.


Apr 26

Peter Hazlett

Team Staff Roles – 2014 Sainsbury’s School Games

NI Fencing Ltd is seeking expressions of interest for the Team Staff Roles at this years School Games.

The available roles are;

1. Assist team manager.

2. Escorting the team on flights, and to and from the competition.

3. Coaching and supervising teams during the competition.

4. Evening supervision.

Requirements: must be member of NI Fencing, possess valid Access NI and Safeguarding Children in Sport (valid for the duration of the Games).

Interested?  Then please email Maureen.kerr@nifencing.com by Monday 5th May 2014.

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