NI Junior Foil Series Round 3 & BYC Qualifying Event

//NI Junior Foil Series Round 3 & BYC Qualifying Event
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Closing date for entries: 11pm Friday 24 February 2023.



NIJFS Round 4 Entry – HERE


BYC Qualifier Entry – HERE


£18 entry fee.

Fencers must have a current British Fencing/NI Fencing membership (or equivalent, e.g. IFF) valid on the day of the competition. Anyone without a valid membership will not be allowed to compete, with no exceptions.

Check in times
Under 16 Male                  Closes 09.15 for 09.30 Start
Under 16 Female             Closes 09.15 for 09.30 Start
Under 14 Male                  Closes 09.30 for 09.45 Start
Under 14 Female             Closes 09.45 for 10.00 Start
Under 12 Male                  Closes 10.00 for 10.15 Start
Under 12 Female             Closes 10.15 for 10.30 Start
Under 10 Mixed               Closes 10.15 for 10.30 Start

Other competition details
Safety regulations will be strictly enforced (breeches must be worn).
Competitors intending to compete in an age group category above the one for which he/she would normally qualify must ensure that the appropriate application form has been submitted in good time. The organisers reserve the right to select or change the format of the competition, including on the day of competition.
Presentations for the best overall fencers in each category will take place at the end of the competition.

Category Details

Under 10 Mixed Born 2013 or 2014
Under 12 Born 2011 or 2012
Under 14 Born 2009 or 2010
Under 16 Born 2007 or 2008

Foil sizes
U16 Male & Female         Max Size 5 Blade
U14 Male & Female        Max Size 3 Blade
U12 Male & Female        Max Size 3 Blade
U10 Mixed                          Size 0 Blade

Fencing Kit Requirements
U10, U12, U14:
800N or 350N plastron.
350N mask, jacket and breeches.
No lame bib or mask wire required.
800N plastron.
350N mask, jacket and breeches.
Lame bib and mask wire required.

U12, U14, U16   One round, fights to 5 hits, time limit 3 minutes
U10                        One round, fights to 5 hits, time limit 2 minutes

Direct Elimination
U14, U16             Fights to 15 hits, 3 periods of 3 minutes with gaps of 1 minute
U12, U10             Fights to 10 hits, 3 periods of 2 minutes with gaps of 1 minute




British Youth Championships 2023


BYCs – last chance to register interest. Please do so by 9pm Friday 10 March 2023. Any questions, please contact [email protected].

When?                Sat 29 April – Monday 01 May 2023

Where?               EIS Sheffeld

The British Youth Championship (BYC) is the highlight of the British Youth Fencing calendar. It is a great opportunity to fence in a magnificent venue with 40 pistes and professional referees. The best fencers (foil, sabre and epée) from across the UK compete in each age group. Any of the parents who have taken their children over will no doubt praise to the quality of the tournament and will be happy to give advice on travel and accommodation etc.

Entry is via Eventbrite search for BYC

BYC Qualifiers
The qualification event for U12, U14 and U16 foil events coincides with Round 3 of the Junior Foil Series.
You can apply if you are under 18 and you live or fence in the UK. Categories are Boys and Girls, Age Groups U12, U14 U16 and U18 in Foil, Epee and Sabre.
U12 – born 2011 or 2012
U14 – born 2009 or 2010
U16 – born 2007 or 2008
U18 – born 2005 or 2006

The number of fencers who can compete at the finals in Sheffield depends on the number of entries to the qualifying event.

1-16 entries = 8 qualify
17-19 entries = 9 qualify
20-22 entries = 10 qualify
23-25 entries = 11 qualify
26-28 entries = 12 qualify
29-31 entries = 13 qualify
32+ entries = 14 qualify

Round 3 of the Junior Foil Series will double up as the BYC qualifier for U12, U14 and U16 foil.
Sunday 05 March at Sullivan Upper School, Holywood

If you wish to apply for U18 foil and there are more than 8 applicants we will organise a separate qualification event, subject to the availability of a suitable venue.

Epée & Sabre

If more than 8 people apply in any age category for epée or sabre then we will organise a separate qualification event, subject to the availability of a suitable venue.


The Regional Qualifier Levy for 2022 was waived because of Covid but those competing at the Finals in Sheffield must pay £47.50 per entry. That fee is paid directly to British Fencing when British Fencing get in touch with you directly. You do not need to pay now.

Additional Info
If you are applying to the NI Junior Fencing Series Round 3 and do not wish to travel to the National Finals in Sheffield, you MUST let us know – if you qualify but do not want to go then we will allocate the spare place to the next ranked fencer. Competitors are responsible for arranging their own travel & accommodation.

The top 8 competitors in each of the U12, U14 and U16 foil qualifiers will be told of their qualification on Sunday 06 February.
Epee, Sabre and U18 foil qualifiers will be told by email or text on or shortly after 05 March 2023 whether they are automatically selected or whether they need a qualifying competition. The format will be identical to the foil qualifiers.
Please note that entrants to the NI Junior Foil Series Round 3 must also apply separately to the BYC Regional Qualifier.

British Fencing stipulations

Fencers may only enter the Regional event in the Region they have specified on their British Fencing Membership. Fencers may only fence in a qualifying event in one region in any season.
The competitions are run under BF Rules. For the Finals the formula is one round of pools without elimination, followed by Direct Elimination.
In the U12 & U14 Competitions, the maximum blade sizes are: Foil – size 3, Epée – size 2 and Sabre – size 2. In the U16 & U18 Foil Events size 5 blades will be used throughout, and lame bibs and mask wires will be required.
As per BF rules, it is a safety requirement that FIE/CEN2/800N Sabre gloves are to be worn at all times whilst competing (unless both fencers are using size 3 or size 0 blades). In the U12 events, DE Tableau fights are to 10 hits in 3 periods of 2 minutes with a gap of 1 minute.
You must have a valid UK address to qualify for the finals, being a place where you usually reside. You must be a member of British Fencing (NIF) and in good standing both at the time of the competition qualifiers and at the time of the actual competition. BFA ‘Compete’ level membership (will be checked online) will be required. It is recommended that fencers join the BFA online.  All fencing clothing and equipment must comply with BFA regulations (see guidelines).
A Parental Consent form will need to be filled in electronically prior to the finals event, and will be available on the BF website. This will also be sent to all qualifiers using the email address on a fencer’s membership profile nearer to the event. It may be wise to make sure your profile is up to date.