NI Junior Foil Series Rankings Announcement

/, NIJFS/NI Junior Foil Series Rankings Announcement

As you all know the year end NIJFS awards in each age group are given on the basis of the best 5 out of 6 results in the series. This year it has become problematic, looking at the Calendar we are unable to reschedule the 5th Competition which was cancelled due to snow.


The NIF board has considered the different options available with the primary rationale to award the trophies in as fair a way as possible. As is always the way with these things there is no totally fair way to have an alternate scoring system after competitions have started, but we have taken the decision that the best and fairest way to allocate the prizes will be on the results from all 5 competitions that will run this year.


Can I thank you for your understanding, I can assure you that considerable time and discussion went into making this final decision and as always fairness to the children was the final arbiter.


David Connery

Managing Director