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Safeguarding Documents and Resources


En Garde….. Ready? Is British Fencing’s Welfare Pack.  Its aim is to create a series of policies and procedures that are based on best practice and in line with current legislation.

Clubs, organisations are encouraged to adopt these policies and put them into practice to maximise the chances of us being able to develop a sport that is safe both physically and also emotionally.  This is about the way we expect people to behave be they participants, coaches, volunteers, parents/carer or any of the myriad of roles that people take on in our sport.

Throughout these documents the word “club” has been used.  That does not mean that they are exclusively for use by clubs, but can be used by any organisation that is involved in fencing from the top down.

We welcome comments and feedback on these documents and they will be updated on a regular basis as best practice changes or when there are changes in legislation.

The documents in this section complement the material held in the Welfare section of the British Fencing website.  They also contain information which is only relevant to Northern Ireland

Access NI Application Process – NI Sports Forum

Retaining of Disclosure Information

En Garde… Ready Club Welfare Pack – updated January 2015

Incident Reporting Form

Accident Report Form

Application Forms

Fencer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

These codes are British Fencing Code of Conduct for all Home Countries, Regions, Counties, Clubs Members and Persons:-

Code of Conduct – January 2015

Coaches Code of Conduct – January 2015

Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers – January 2015

Code of Conduct for Young People – December 2015

NIF Documents

Physical Contact Guidelines – November 2015

Inclusion Guidelines – November 2015