NI Fencing require all clubs to ensure officials/volunteers in Regulated Activity follow the appropriate selection procedures to ensure we are satisfied with the applicant/volunteer suitability for the role. This process should include but is not limited to:

The applicant/volunteer, engaging in Regulated Activity must complete an Enhanced Disclosure Vetting Check prior to confirmation in the role. This is the NISF’s PIN number and will ensure that your online application is automatically forwarded to NISF for processing on behalf of NI Fencing, please enter it carefully


You can download the Full Access NI Application Here

All coaches and volunteers who will have regular contact with children or young people must complete the relevant checks before they are active within your fencing club. In Northern Ireland, AccessNI provides these checks, and for NIF, these are processed by the NI Sports Forum.

 Enhanced checks are normally required where the applicant will work or volunteer in a role providing services to or having close and regular supervision of children or vulnerable adults. 

The application process is as follows:

  • The club will issue a hard copy of the NI Fencing application form and the AccessNI ID verification form to each applicant.
  • Each applicant must complete the Fencing NI application full and AccessNI ID verification form, including their own online registration number for an Enhanced Disclosure Check (against the Barred list if the work is unsupervised).
  • Each applicant must return the NI Fencing application form to the club safeguarding officer or chairperson who will retain this at club level. The AccessNI ID verification Form must also be returned along with 3 pieces of identification (see form for details of types of suitable ID) for the purpose of identity checking at club level. This will then be forwarded on to NI Fencing by the club representative after they have signed it.
  • Each applicant should, if necessary submit the self-declaration form outlining any relevant cautions and/or convictions to NI Fencing Safeguarding lead officer – Taryn Graham [email protected] 

The club safeguarding officer/chairperson should record the name, dob and AccessNI reference number and forward the AccessNI ID verification form and copies of identification to Taryn Graham (contact for postal details)

On receipt of the completed Identification confirmation form Fencing NI will forward on to NISF who will:

  • Process the persons disclosure application to AccessNI
  • Receive notification from NISF outlining: 
    • Nothing to disclose – NI Fencing will inform the club safeguarding officer/chairperson that the individual could be considered for appointment
    • Certificate Issued – NI Fencing will request from the applicant, the original disclosure certificate. In some case’s NI Fencing may request a full explanation of any disclosures outlined within. The applicant may provide or be required to provide relevant additional information allowing NI Fencing to assess the individual’s suitability to fulfil their proposed role. This may include but is not limited to written references and/or additional reports relating to the convictions. The applicant may be required to attend an interview as part of the assessment process. NI Fencing will inform the club, if the applicant has been successful and any measures that should be put in place to manage any identified risk. 
    • Further information required – NI Fencing may be required to request additional information from the applicant for the purposes of progressing the application.

Any decision will be taken by NI Fencing Case Management Panel.

NI Fencing is committed to equal opportunities for all and does not preclude applicants with criminal convictions. Convictions will only be considered when relevant to the position that the applicant has applied for. Applicants whose AccessNI certificate returns information in relation to their criminal record will be judged on a case-by-case basis and positive disclosures do not necessarily preclude a person from taking a role within affiliated youth football.