NI Junior Foil Series 2018/19 – Round 2

//NI Junior Foil Series 2018/19 – Round 2
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Round 2 Junior Foil Series
Royal Belfast Academical Institution

Round 2 will be held on Sunday 9th December in Royal Belfast Academical Institution, Belfast.
The competition is a foil-only event.

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: RBAI run an annual Charity Car Park in December, due to this there will be a charge of £5 for Fencers using the Car Park at RBAI for the competition on this Sunday

Closing date for entries: Midnight Thu 6th December 2018.
Entries can be made preferably online or by downloading and printing the 2018-19 Round 2 Entry Form and sending it to:

David Connery, 9 Millreagh , Dundonald, Belfast, BT16 1TJ.

£15 entry fee to be paid online, or to accompany printed entries received by the closing date.  Cheques should be made payable to NI Fencing Ltd.
Fencers must have a current British Fencing/NI Fencing membership (or equivalent, e.g. IFF) valid on the day of the competition. At event check-in, anyone without a valid membership will not be allowed to compete, with no exceptions.
Check in times
Under 16 Male                         Closes 1015 for 1030 Start
Under 16 Female                     Closes 1015 for 1030 Start
Under 14 Male                         Closes 1030 for 1045 Start
Under 14 Female                     Closes 1045 for 1100 Start
Under 12 Male                         Closes 1100 for 1115 Start
Under 10 Mixed                       Closes 1115 for 1130 Start
Under 12 Female                     Closes 1115 for 1130 Start

Other competition details 
Safety regulations will be strictly enforced (breeches must be worn).
Competitors intending to compete in an age group category above the one for which he/she would normally qualify need to ensure that the appropriate application form has been submitted in good time.
The organisers reserve the right to select or change the format of the competition.

Category Details
Under 10 Mixed           Born 2009 or 2010
Under 12 Girls             Born 2007 or 2008
Under 12 Boys             Born 2007 or 2008
Under 14 Girls             Born 2005 or 2006
Under 14 Boys             Born 2005 or 2006
Under 16 Girls             Born 2003 or 2004
Under 16 Boys             Born 2003 or 2004

Foil sizes
U16 Male and Female  Max Size 5 Blade
U14 Male and Female  Max Size 3 Blade
U12 Male and Female  Max Size 3 Blade
U10 Mixed                    Size 0 Blade

Fencing Kit Requirements
Under 10, Under 12, Under 14:
800N or 350N plastron.
350N mask, jacket and breeches.
No lame bib or mask wire required.

Under 16:
800N plastron.
350N mask, jacket and breeches.
Lame bib and mask wire required.

U12, U14, U16           One round, fights to 5 hits, time limit 3 minutes
U10                            One round, fights to 5 hits, time limit 2 minutes

Direct Elimination
U14, U16                   Fights to 15 hits, 3 periods of 3 minutes with gaps of 1 minute
U12, U10                   Fights to 10 hits, 3 periods of 2 minutes with gaps of 1 minute