NI Fencing Domestic Awards 2012/13

//NI Fencing Domestic Awards 2012/13

We are pleased to announce the final year end awards for 2012/13


Senior Awards 

Mens Foil                            Clarke Little

Womens Foil                     Rachel Philpott

Mens Epee                         Philip Slater

Womens Epee                   Eimile McSorley

Mens Sabre                        James Nicholls

Womens Sabre                 Kathryn Marshall


Under 16 Awards

U16 Mens Foil                    Philip Slater

U16 Womens Foil             Rachel Philpott

U16 Mens Epee                 Philip Slater

U16 Womens Epee          Rosie McGonagle

U16 Mens Sabre                Niall McCafferty

U16 Womens Sabre         Kathryn Marshall

Congratulations to all!  Any outstanding awards will be sent out in the next few weeks.